Hola world. My name is Amanda Sue. 

I have a lot going on in my life so I decided to start this lovely little blog. 
For starters, I am in nursing school. That speaks for itself. It is stressful & tough.. but I am still ALIVE
Also, I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in October 2012. Again, a tough reality.. yet I am still ALIVE.
Something that MANY people do not know is that my husband and I want to start a family. Saying that though is just soooo much easier. We have been dealing with what the doctors call “unexplained infertility” for quite some time. It’s heartbreaking.. but again I am still ALIVE.
See a pattern? 
I always try to remember that even though I am going through some tough times and even though sometimes I don’t think things could get worse.. they really can. I could be dead. But I am still ALIVE and I will enjoy it for all that I can!
So on to my ulterior motive. Before I was diagnosed with MS, I got into running something fierce. Then I got the news about my health. Then I started nursing school. Then this. Then that. Get the picture? I fell off the wagon.
This will also be here to serve as my motivation to get back on track to a more healthy me! I will be completing the C25K program for the second time. This time, you will all get to see my progress! And maybe even see me move on to the 5k to 10k program? Maybe..
So that is all for now. 
I will leave you with this mouth watering picture of the dinner I whipped up tonight inspired by a fellow (amazing) blogger who also happens to be a pretty snazzy mother in law. You can visit her here!
I made a Slightly Spicy Mango Chicken w/ “Massaged” Blueberry Parmesan Spinach Salad. That sounds pretty fancy. And those who know me know that I do not cook fancy. Just ask my husband about Chicken Noodle Mush… 
Later Gators 😉

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