cool runnings.

For those who do not know what C25K is.. Let me explain….

Couch to 5k… A 9 week running program for non runners. Starts off slow (one minute runs followed by 90 second BRISK walks) and gradually builds you up to run a full 30 minutes. And you only run 3 days a week. It is truly wonderful!

Last time I completed this program, I lost 30lbs and finished my first 5k in…

33:43 and 12/31 in my age group. I was proud of myself 🙂



So here I am.. 16 months later. With nothing to show but that one race.

It makes me sad 😦 So I started this amazing program over! I am currently completing week one and feel better already.

Now here is where I tell you how I am going to die. I have also decided to complete Shaun T’s INSANITY program with my husband….


More on that later.


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