the last few days.

I realize I have been gone. Yes. But with a good excuse.

Nursing school has me studying for 3 exams. In one week. For the same class…

all while completing week 2 of my running program..


Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love it. It is an amazing experience and I can not wait until I am in the real world helping nurse sick patients back to health.

On to another note about school. My next class is going to be “Nursing Care of Women & Infants”. Sounds AMAZING! Right?

Well, if you missed my first post, My husband and I have been dealing with this awful beast called “unexplained infertility” for about four years now.

So I am not sure how my emotions will fare in this class. I agree that pregnancy is beautiful and that giving birth is magical, BUT, twelve hour days of watching others do what you WANT to do? We shall see.

Another note about infertility…

If you meet someone that is struggling to conceive, try not to become over zealous and offer your knowledgeable advice. 9/10 times, it makes us feel like this…


I’ll share our story another day 😉

Until next time!


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