not good.

Okay.. I have to say it at some point. I haven’t been good. No running. No working out. Only eating somewhat healthy… Ugh I feel awful even saying this.

Now I refuse to give every excuse in the book but, life really did catch up with me these last couple of weeks. I had 3 finals in one week. Then I got sick from my wonderful hubby. And it’s just been a whirlwind.

I also decided that Insanity is not quite for me right now. With my MS, putting too much stress on my body can cause a relapse and put me into the hospital. And I am not quite up for that.

So I have come up with a new & improved plan that hopefully will not take such a toll on my body..

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays — Couch to 5k

Tuesdays & Thursdays — 30 Day Shred

Saturdays & Sundays — YOGA!

No more “excuses” from here on out .. I am getting healthy & fit!



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