a new October

As I lay in my bed tonight (unable to sleep), I can not stop thinking how long it has been since I have written about life. Maybe not since August? A whole month went by without one post.

We’ll let me first tell you how extremely busy I have been this past month!

I started my OB rotation in nursing school. And what can I say other than I absolutely love it. It may be my calling. I would also like to add that I have been able to keep my emotions in check despite seeing all the new mothers with their precious newborn babies. Harsh reality that I still have yet to experience that wonderful part of life. Soon enough.

None the less, I am doing quite exceptional in my work for this class! And we only have 13 more days until it is all over when I feel as though it just began!

when you are having fun, right?

Anyways, I also ended up having another MS flare up in September. Not too bad, although I do try to catch it before they get too bad. I started feeling some functional loss in my right hand and a burning sensation in my legs. I am no stranger to these symptoms and knew exactly what was coming on. I headed to my neurologist and ended up on a 3 day IV steroid treatment, yet again. Then followed by a 14 day oral steroid treatment. If you are not sure what steroids do to me (or the general population for that fact), allow me to help you visualize….


Yes! That is the Incredible Hulk. And that is exactly how I feel on these high doses of steroids.

But sure enough, I should return to normal (or close to it) after treatment. But since this is my 5th flare since being diagnosed almost a year ago, my neurologist has some thinking to do. I will be repeating my MRIs next week and possibly (most likely) be switching medications. To what is a mystery at this point but we shall figure that out as the time comes.

Now begins October. The beginning of my most favorite time of year. Fall turns into winter and brings my absolute most favorite holiday, CHRISTMAS! I will share EVERY SINGLE reason why it is my favorite holiday some other time. I just do not have ENOUGH time at the moment.

But with October, comes a special adventure for myself. I do not plan on sharing at the moment, maybe later. But I will enjoy this month, and everything that happens. No. Matter. What.

Until next time..


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