Today I realized that I am a very bitter person. 

Bitter about some things I have not been able to experience in life yet. Bitter about some things that I DO have to experience on a daily basis.

But as I sit here (trying) to finish up some homework, not able to sleep yet again, I can’t help but dwell on the fact that everything in my life is the way it should be. And it is perfect. Sure, It might not be how I expected my life to be, but I am so blessed.



The man in this picture made me realize tonight how blessed I am. We have been through a lot (maybe too much for our age) together and guess where he is after all of it?

Right. Next. To. Me.

He supports me in everything that I do.

When I told him that I was quitting my job last year to pursue my dream in nursing, he supported me. 

When I was diagnosed with MS, he told me he wasn’t going anywhere. 

Every time I end up in the hospital, this man is right there by my side.

He loves me unconditionally, even when we argue (and of course we do.. we are only human. And married.)


So as of today, I am going to try being less bitter about life. 

That is all for now…


Except one thing…





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