Well now that it’s over, I suppose I can share.

October 1st began a new round of fertility treatments for my husband & I. Oral meds and injections consisted of my last 30 days. But sadly, with all the hope in the world, it still failed. And I have come to the conclusion that something is seriously wrong. We did everything right this time and yet it still did not work. 



And this is pretty much how I feel. I feel as though it is going to cost A LOT of money no matter how we eventually have a family. IVF = around $5-6k per round. Adoption = Let’s not even begin. Looks like I will need to take out a second mortgage to get what I want.

My next vent… Why do idiots reproduce? I have seen to much ignorance lately and wonder how & why they have children. I mean seriously, either wait until you grow out of this phase or please do not create little ones to pass your stupidity onto.

Another vent… Stop complaining on facebook. I don’t care if your pregnancy sucks. Or your baby is crying and keeping you up all night. Or if you don’t have enough money for everything you need. Guess what? I WISH I had those problems. Please realize how blessed you are with properly functioning reproductive organs. 



I know I wrote a post on my bitterness a few weeks ago. And yes, I am working on it. BUT! Please forgive me as I have been dealing with this issue for almost 5 years now and I am pretty fed up with it. I have seen (too many to count) pregnancy announcements and I really wish it was my turn. 

I have a loving husband. I have a job (and almost a new career). I have a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood. The next step is a family and we just can’t seem to reach that. 


Had to get this out but it is now time to study for my first pediatrics exam tomorrow. Oh and maybe some sleep. We’ll see. 



Just 4 exams, 4 more clinicals, and 6 weeks stand in front of me and my month long vacation from school. Feeling burnt out and this will be a wonderful (well needed) break before I begin my final term of nursing school in January. Not sure if I should be excited or nervous…  


For now.. ❤


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