Goodnight Moon.

I am getting ready to go to sleep. And it just started raining.

It’s fate, I tell ya.


So why am I going to sleep at nine in the morning? That’s because I am working NIGHTS now! Seven o’clock at night to seven o’clock in the morning.

I thought I would hate it.

I was wrong. It is actually pretty awesome. I barely deal with doctors or family; the two things that could either make or break your day as a nurse. Not to mention I get paid more. What a deal!

And tonight will be my second night on my own. My first shift by myself was on Sunday night. On Monday morning when the day nurses started shuffling in, my patient’s were all still breathing. I’d say I had a successful first day as a real bonafide nurse 😉


I will most likely be working on Thanksgiving & Christmas this year. For those who know me well know that this makes me pretty sad. I love being able to spend time with family and travel during these times. Its just so special to me. Last year, we went to Denver! Hopefully we make it out there at some point this winter.


We are some good looking people if I do say so myself!

Anyways, the patients admitted during the holidays need us the most and working those days makes it all worth it when we are there to help.

I applied to nursing school last night! I will (hopefully) be starting UCF’s BSN program this coming spring! I am extremely excited about my future in the nursing field. There is just so much I could do but I am pretty sure I have figured it out. We shall see if I stick to that plan!


Pretty stoked to be a Knight!!

Well I guess that is enough of my random ramblings. Just a quick update on my life.

And with that I say…


or should I say goodnight sun??

Either way….



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