my bad day.

I had quite an awful afternoon yesterday. Sure, it may not seem like a bad day to many but, it really affected me. So I will share.

I was due to start our third IVF cycle at the end of this month. Since we have had two failures so far, they wanted to do something called a diagnostic hysteroscopy. This is a very simple procedure that allows the physician to see what the inside of the uterus looks like.

I arrived at the office yesterday and check in. Five minutes later,the front desk secretary calls me up and asks me to sign consent……

1. You shouldn’t be having me sign consent. That’s not your job.
2. They have not even gone over the procedure with me yet.

I sign it. I’ve done a ton of research anyways and pretty much have an idea what is going to happen.

She then instructs me to go to the bathroom to leave a urine sample. Easy enough.

I head back to the waiting room to sit with my other half. This is when shit really hit the fan.

I was called back up to the front desk and informed that my referral from tricare has been expired for 6 months…. Seriously? We have been there for at least 30 appointments in this time. I tell them I am not rescheduling this appointment because this appointment had been scheduled a month out and they had time to figure this out. They agree but inform me that I will need to get a new referral and have it back dated to cover this appointment. Sure. I’ll work on it.


Finally, I was called back to have my procedure. The MA takes my weight and then informs me that I need to provide a urine sample. Already done. She then informs me that I need a full bladder for this procedure…….


At this point I am pretty annoyed. But I brush it off and just ask for her to bring me some water. She takes me into the procedure room and tells my husband he can stay up until the procedure but will need to leave once the doctor comes in to begin. She leaves.

She then comes back five minutes later and informs my husband that he actually needs to leave now and can wait in the waiting room for me. Oh ok…

Then she brought me a hydrocodone, phenergan, and Xanax. I guess that chilled me out a little bit.


My doctor came in and started the procedure. It was slightly uncomfortable at first when he was administering the anesthesia but afterwards I felt fine. There was a television screen to the right of my head that I was watching. I started seeing a ton of white things. I had a feeling I knew what they were and it was confirmed when the doctor said they were polyps.

He gave me the option to have them removed right then or stop the procedure and schedule surgery to have them removed. I opted for right then.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find the correct tool to complete this and decided it may be better if we just schedule the surgery.

With the medication I have on board, I just shrug and agree. It is actually something we are somewhat happy about. Before this, we had no idea why IVF failed for us. This could definitely be an answer for us.

Anyways, I get dressed and find my husband. We head to the check out desk. They inform me that they will call me to schedule surgery when they get the authorization from my insurance company.

One problem… Y’all forgot to get my reauthorization when my referral expired SIX months ago.

So, surgery SHOULD be next week. They will be working on getting my authorization, as will I, and hopefully we can continue on to IVF.



2 thoughts on “my bad day.

  1. Don’t be discouraged, anything is possible. My 39 yr old sister went through 2 courses of IVF and is due in 7 weeks, the second round worked.
    My boyfriends 38 yr old daughter went through 5 rounds of IVF and none worked, she was told unless she had donor eggs she could never get pregnant. After that she kind of gave up, a year later she found out she was expecting. The baby girl was born Oct 13 , 2014 .
    Both these girls were married 5 years ago and had been trying to conceive right away.
    I know every story is different and I truly cannot imagine your pain. I just wanted to share how crazy things happen.

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