Denver, CO.

J and I made our way to Denver on Wednesday. The flight was uneventful at most, which is probably a very good thing. And if you have never been to CO, you should probably try to.. It’s amazing out here.


Now let me back up and give you an update of what has been going on. For the past three months, I have been preparing my body with a vitamin “cocktail” courtesy of CCRM. A large amount of pills in the morning, and a slightly less large amount of pills in the evening. The black pills you see are part of a study I am participating in at CCRM. It is to evaluate the effects that Acai Berry has on egg quality. Crossing my fingers for a great outcome!


At the end of August, I began testing for ovulation using ovulation predictor tests. This measures the surge of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) that is released just before ovulation occurs each month. My positive test came back on August 24th. I’m still not used to seeing a test come back positive.. Even if it’s just telling me I’m about to ovulate. Ha.


Ten days following that positive test, I starting my priming protocol to basically get my ovaries ready to start growing some follicles! I started applying an estrogen patch to my lower abdomen every other day. At 11 days past, I began an injection called cetrotide. The estrogen works to create an optimal environment for follicles to grow while the cetrotide acts to prevent premature follicular growth. My medication count is currently at 3 patches and 3 shots..

And this brings us to now! Yesterday was my first IVF appointment with CCRM. I had some blood work drawn and an ultrasound done. The lab work looked great and my ultrasound was quiet, just as it needed to be. I will admit that I was feeling a bit anxious about this appointment because many people have gone in to find that they have cysts on their ovaries, in turn having their cycles cancelled.

Being a nurse and trying to figure out all these appointments is tough. I took two weeks off and was able to schedule the trip out here, which means I do not have time for them to cancel my cycle! We are now past that so I won’t dwell..

Anyways, my nurse (whose name is ironically Flo 😂😂) called me yesterday afternoon and gave me the okay to begin my stimulation medication. I will be taking an injection of menopur in the morning and 12 hours later I will be taking an injection of Gonal-F. These medications stimulate follicular growth, hoping to increase quantity and quality. I will also be taking a steroid pill in the evening to prevent any inflammatory processes in the body that could impede the success of this cycle. These are my medications, needles, syringes, and whatever else I need to inject myself 😆


Also, here is what my schedule looks like..


This morning was my first stimulation injection. It’s nothing new to me but it’s been nearly two years since I’ve done this so I was slightly anxious. I’m really hoping we have better luck out here in beautiful CO than we did in FL.

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who reads this and prays for us, or sends us good vibes. It means the world to me. Since I have opened up about my own battle with infertility, I have had many others who are also struggling open up to me. We are all in different stages but we are all feeling that same emptiness. Please know, that you are not alone in this fight and we can get through it together.


And on that note, until my next post ❤️


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