A Seven Day Recap.

Friday 9/9/16

As promised, I started my stimulation medication today. One shot in the morning and one shot at night. We also kept things pretty low key today. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, stopped for brunch at a locally sourced restaurant, and then hung out around the house. For those unaware, we are staying with my in laws who have graciously opened up their home to us for 3 weeks while we are on this journey. If it weren’t for them, this most certainly would not be possible.

Saturday 9/10/16

Another shot this morning.. My MIL and I took a road trip to Boulder to visit one of my FAVORITE places ever!.. The Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory! Nothing beats free tea and a tour. We even got to wear these awesome hairnets.. Plus a little shopping never hurts. Then another shot in the evening.

Sunday 9/11/16

Medication continued with a shot this morning, and then we took a drive. We drove through a canyon and halfway up to Mt Evans. It was quite cold though so not much exploration outside the car occurred. It was incredibly beautiful though, breathtaking even. We had lunch in Idaho Springs, then we headed home and I took a nap on the back porch. I treated myself with another shot that night.

Monday 9/12/16

Another shot this morning followed by a drive to the Denver Zoo parking lot. Why the parking lot you may ask? Because both Jay and I forgot our money cards to get in. So we headed back to the house. Side note here: y’all need to pray for my dear husband who has to put up with me while taking these hormones. You think PMS is bad when you’re growing one egg? Try growing multiple.. He says he is going to write a book with the things I say to him.. Anyways, we decided on Korean BBQ for lunch which was pretty amazing! Guy Fierri had visited this place once with his little show known as “Diners, Drive ins, & Dives”, it’s called Dae Gee (apparently Korean for Pig Out, fitting). We then ended up at the Museum of Nature and Science. It was interesting. We did get a spectacular view of the city with the mountains in the background.. Again, breathtaking. Finally, to end my day, another shot. Who’s keeping count??



Tuesday 9/13/16

Do I even have to tell you anymore that my morning began with a shot? Anyways, following that, we found ourselves downtown at the US Mint for a tour! This was something I was extremely excited for. There are only 5 minting facilities in the US so how often do you get to visit one? I will say that the security is crazy! Even Jay pointed out that it is harder to. Get into the Mint than it is to get on a military base.  Even so, we headed in need the first thing they give us are free samples! I’m guessing they started this practice after a few two many self proclaimed comedians would ask the question of “free samples” on every tour, sparing my husband the duty of being the one to do so! Then we headed to the Capitol Building. We sat on the thirteenth step, which is one mile above sea level. We went on a tour of the building and I learned that the same architect that designed the CO building also designed the MI building! Small world. We headed home before the rainstorm came through and I’ll let you take a guess at what I did that night…

Wednesday 9/14/16

This morning was a little different! I started out with my usual shot of stimulation medication, then I went to the CCRM office for an ultrasound and labs! My ovaries were really doing great things with 14 follicles (where an egg MIGHT be) on the right and about 8-9 on the left! The left ovary seems to be slacking with slightly smaller follicles but it as also very hard for the technician to see my left ovary. We will see.. After my appointment we went to another brunch joint. It was delicious. Then we headed home to work on our consents for our appointment tomorrow and waited for the phone call from Flo to let me know my lab results and next doses of medication. Around 4pm, she called to let me know that my estrogen level was high and my progesterone level was low, just like they need to be. The only issue was that my LH level, the one that deals with ovulation, was elevated. She instructed me to take the medication that prevents ovulation as soon as we got off the phone, and also decreased my doses of medication that night and the next morning. This medication to prevent ovulation will now be a daily shot up until retrieval, add it to the count!


Thursday 9/15/16

At this point in the process, I am having daily US and blood work to d terming my next step. The US I had this morning showed continued growth! I even got them to print me a picture to show you all what an ovary with many follicles looks like! I gave myself my shot of stimulation meds and anti ovulation meds in the office, which was a little weird but doable. They have a sharps container in EVERY room to accomadate. We then met with the Embryology lab to sign consents, the nurse practitioner for a physical (she said I was boring, which I guess is a good thing). To end our day at the office, we went to a genetics class and met with the genetic counselor. She asked about my complete family history, which was absolutely hard to do! Maybe they should give you advance notice to prepare for this… Anyways, we headed back to the house to await the call from Flo! She called me around 3pm this afternoon too let me know my labs and doses again. Estrogen again was high, progesterone was low, and LH dropped dramatically like they wanted it to! We are on the right track! So The doctor increased my meds again!

That is pretty much where we are at as of now. I’ll take my medication tonight and tomorrow morning as well as have an US and labs. We also have another meeting with the genetic counselor following those procedures.

Thank you again to everyone for the prayers and good vibes. I couldn’t be this open about my infertility if it weren’t for you all behind me rooting me on! ❤️❤️❤️ Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Whether you are worried about your own fertility or are strictly curious.. I love talking about it in hopes to educate someone who would otherwise not know how infertility works!

Oh and for anyone keeping score,

Pills: way to many to keep track…

Patches: 3

Shots: 15

Ultrasounds: 3

Blood Draws: 3

and only from this round of IVF!

to be continued…




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