Sunday night ramblings.

My appointments continued daily through the weekend. Ultrasound, blood work, and wait for the call from the nurse is what my days consisted of. On Sunday morning, the nurse discussed with us the possibility of triggering ovulation that night for retrieval on Tuesday!

The egg retrieval process of IVF is actually surgery under general anesthesia. I have done this three times prior though so I feel like it’s no big deal at this point. During this procedure, the physician uses an ultrasound to guide a needle through the vaginal wall into the ovaries in order to aspirate (or retrieve) them. TMI? Sorry, that’s just how it goes!

Here is a basic idea of the whole thing..



Anyways, we headed home to await the call from the nurse on what the doctor decides to do with us. It was always an agonizing wait..

In the mean time, my MIL offered to teach me how to knit. I figure I will need something to pass the time with everything coming up in the near future, so I take her up on it. I guess I caught on pretty quickly so she took me to the yarn store to buy some pretty purple yarn to make myself my very own scarf!


I finally got the call from my nurse that afternoon and she gave me the news that it was time to trigger that night! I was to take one more dose of stimulation medication at my usual time, a dose of Lupron for trigger at 9:30pm, and another dose at 9:30 the next morning. The Lupron would help the eggs I was growing to mature and move to the outer wall of the ovary in order to allow the physician to retrieve them.

So the anxiety set in. I was so excited yet so very nervous. What if I ovulate before they do the procedure? What if they get no eggs? What if I have a bad reaction to the anesthesia? All things I knew wouldn’t happen but was still nervous about.

That night, after an intense game of Ticket to Ride with the family (seriously, look it up, best game ever), it was time to trigger!


It is very imperative that this medication is taken at precisely the right time as ovulation can occur if taken to early than scheduled or the eggs may not mature properly if taken to late. So that is exactly what I did.

The next morning, we headed to CCRM for blood work. This time, Jay had to get some as well. Made me feel a little better that I wasn’t the only one being poked and prodded at. I also took my second dose of Lupron right there in the office since it has to be exact timing. But honestly, people don’t care because we all have to do it! Monday night was low key, we didn’t do much except for talk about what Tuesday would bring us.

Until my next update..

And it will be an exciting one!



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