What is in the box..?

A few week ago, I received a box in the mail.


I am sure you all are wondering what could possibly be in this box?!

Well, it is the beginning stages of our next step in this IVF journey. All of the medications I will be taking for the next 3 months arrived in this special package.


Lupron will be taken over the next two months and during preparation on the last month in order to make my uterus habitable for an embryo. Apparently, this medication will send me into a swirling vortex of faux-menopausal symptoms. So, ladies and gents, please pray for my other half as he has to deal with menopausal Amanda..


Then there are the estrogen patches that will be used in order to make the lining of my uterus JUST RIGHT for our perfect little embryo. I will be applying these to my abdomen every other day starting with one and eventually ending with four patches EVERY OTHER DAY. And I don’t remove any unless they fall off! My poor stomach is going to be a sticky mess.


The dreaded progesterone in oil. It is sesame oil, so very THICK. And it gets injected into my gluteal muscle (otherwise known as my behind) in order to support a growing embryo. Not sure if I am going to let Jason do this one or figure it out (maybe coworkers?). He has been pretty decent with administering shots in the past but, FINGERS CROSSED, if this works, I will be taking this one every day well into the pregnancy. So I’ll keep you updated on that!


Then there is the Endometrin, it’s a suppository not for your rectum 😉 This one ALSO supports a growing little embaby and is taken twice a day, every day well into a successful pregnancy. Excuse me while I send Jason on a Target run for pads..


Here we have all of my needles and the container I will angrily throw them into once they exit my muscle. See how long they are? Ya, pain. It’s funny because I am a nurse, I can use needles on other people all day, every day, and not even blink an eye. But when it’s my turn, I freak. BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT!


My two lonely pill bottles. One is an antibiotic to make sure there is no infection what so ever in any part of the body when we do the transfer. If there is an infection, it is more likely that the body will reject the embryo resulting in a negative test. The other is a steroid, which I am under the impression that it suppresses the immune response of the body to the inflammation from transfer, which can also cause rejection of successful implantation of an embryo.


Finally, we have the world’s most amazing ice packs. I can’t tell you how many of these we have but I save them every time I get medication from the pharmacy because they are just that awesome.


So that is it. The medication that will HOPEFULLY get & keep me pregnant!


My next update will be when I take my first shot of lupron.

Stay tuned for an guaranteed interesting update 🙂


Until next time… ❤


2 thoughts on “What is in the box..?

  1. Are you only implanting one embryo? I thought I read you had like seven embryos. I know the more you implant the chances of multiples is greater, but so are the dangers. So, this grandma is just being nosy and wants to know if I should pray for one or more embryos. I am already praying for all seven as they are safely waiting on ice. Much love and lots of prayer to you & Jason!

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