I took quite a break from blogging the last couple of months.. and honestly not much happened. And in the same breathe I could say that sooooo much happened.

On December 24th 2016, I gave my husband the best Christmas present ever.. or I should say he gave it to me.. My Depot Lupron injection. And yes.. it hurt going in.


This lovely medication has caused my body to go into temporary menopause. And with it comes all the symptoms of menopause, ten fold.









The list goes on as I am sure you could imagine. The five symptoms I had the most trouble with were the hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, insomnia, and definitely unstable emotions.

At night, I would need the air set to 68 degrees just to be somewhat comfortable due to the hot flashes and night sweats, and I am pretty sure the reason I had so much trouble sleeping is because I was so damn hot at night. Also, the headaches were just never ending and although I hate taking medication for headaches when I get them, I broke down after maybe 3 weeks of no relief. Advil and tylenol helped for a few hours at a time and I didn’t really want to take excedrin due to the amount of caffeine, which I am trying to avoid.

Now let’s talk about the emotional rollercoaster this medication sent me on. It’s almost hard to explain. I would cry, laugh, and  be angry all in the same minute. My husband and coworkers can all vouch for this. Let me tell you about a situation, that actually really truly happened, I can’t make this up! I was at work running the OR during a c-section, and after quite a busy morning I finally sat down waiting for the docs to deliver the baby. The pediatric nurse practitioner looked at me and asked if I was okay.

And for no reason I started breaking down crying. I can’t even tell you why. I was an absolute mess. Thankfully, another nurse came in to relieve me so that I could run the recovery room instead. This gave me some time to recoup before the patient was finished in surgery and came to me. In this time, one of the residents came into the room I was in and asked me if I was okay. I started laughing and telling her my emotions are just out of whack and that I will be okay.. to which I started crying again. I wiped my tears away and calmed down while we chatted a few more minutes. And then the resident offered to buy me lunch, to which I start crying.. AGAIN. Honestly, it’s pretty obnoxious but I just can not help it. I was extremely sensitive to anything and everything. Mind you this is one example of one morning on one day of this medication. I could tell you a PLETHORA of stories just from work.

At home, my husband was smart. He hides in his man room for the most part when he is not working. We’ve had plenty of arguments, plenty of nights where I don’t even want to look at him, let alone talk to him. But he understands that it’s the medication. Which sucks but in the end we both know it’s for a good cause.


Thankfully none of these symptoms kicked in until a couple days after the shot so we enjoyed our Christmas!


The first week of January I got to fly out to Denver for a couple of days to hang out with my inlaws and go see Dr S. for a checkup before our transfer! It snowed a few days before I got there and a few days after so I didn’t actually get to see it falling, but I did get to make a snowball from some leftovers!


I had some blood work drawn and another hysteroscopy, which all looked great. Then I sat down with Dr S and discussed our case. He also called me kiddo.. which was a little bit ridiculous. I know I am short and look a little young but damn, I’m about to be 28. I am no kiddo. Oh well.

And now here we are, February 20th! I have started a new chapter of IVF. We are officially on our embryo transfer protocol! And that protocol looks a little something like this..

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 7.00.02 PM.png

And in just TEN days I make my way out to Denver (without Jason, who will be coming out at a later date) to finish preparing and eventually transfer our embryos. And yes, that was meant to be plural. 😉

So, definitely be on the lookout for updates as we continue on this journey to hopefully what will be the end of our infertility struggle and the beginning of a brand new journey!

adiós por ahora <3<3<3



One thought on “Hiatus.

  1. Jason. You take GOOD CARE of your BEAUTIFUL WIFE. My Amazing Great Niece and I will keep you all in my prayers. I love you Amanda. My brother would have been soooo proud of you.

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