Out West.

Surprise! I’m in Denver.

I flew out on Thursday for an appointment on Friday. Unfortunately, with certain circumstances, I had to fly out alone. But thankfully Jay will fly in tomorrow and my pups will enjoy a nice little vacation at the pet resort!

If you have never flown west, you should definitely try to. The views on the way are just amazing, especially when you get to the mountains, which are pretty much my favorite part.

The first picture is somewhere over northwest Arkansas and the second is somewhere over Kansas with all their windmills. I do not have pictures of the mountains because I was too enthralled at their majestic and beautiful snowcaps. I really can’t get enough..


So a status update.. we are getting extremely close to our FET (frozen embryo transfer)! And my anxiety keeps rising with every day that passes. 😬 We have done fresh IVF transfers three times before with no results and no embryos that even developed enough to freeze. So to get to this point where we have multiple genetically normal embryos just waiting for us is such a blessing.

My appointment on Friday was to check on my uterine lining and also my projesterone and estrogen levels. Everything is right on track and I will continue to prepare my body for pregnancy with the medications.

I actually had to write everything down in my calendar because there are so many and I didn’t want to screw anything up 😳

So right now I am on the following medication..

FOUR estrogen patches every other day.

TWO projesterone suppositories every day (and they are definitely as bad as they sound 😖).

COUNTLESS pills including prenatal vitamins, DHA, vitamin D, biotin, B12, doxycycline, and baby aspirin. Pretty soon I’ll be adding the antihistamine protocol to that which includes prednisone, pepcid, and Claritin. This protocol was recommended to me for my history of failed transfers. What I understand from it is that when the embryo attempts to attach to the uterine lining, some people’s bodies treat it as an immune issue and release histamines to basically prevent implantation. This will stop those histamines from being released if this is the case for me.

Last, but certainly not least, I am on Progesterone in oil, otherwise known in the fertility world as PIO. I started this medication this morning and was absolutely dreading it so very much. I listened to others who have used this medication in the past and I iced my bum for 15 minutes while the oil warmed up in my bra.. no I’m not kidding 😂😂😂. And guess what! It was so easy peasy and way less difficult to give it to myself than I had originally thought it would be!

So that is where we are at right now. I know it’s not too exciting and everyone is just way excited for when the embryos will be transferred. I’ll tell you all that it is sometime this week but I won’t divulge the actual date because I was raised as a superstitious crazy woman who hates to jinks things.

Tomorrow I get my progesterone level checked and I get to pick Jay up at the airport 😍! Which by the way, he just turned 30 last month so wish him a happy birthday 🎉 🎈!

Here is to our hope of beginning a new adventure with the love of my life ❤️❤️❤️


Until next time!

PS.. I’m really not sure how I lucked out in not only the husband part of life but also the in law aspect. If it weren’t for them, who knows what direction this infertility journey would have gone for us. To say I am blessed with them is an understatement and I could not even begin to thank them enough for their support through this if I tried. It’s a rough road but with everyone who has our backs, I believe we’ve got this. Also, my MIL Michelle is downright talented with just about everything, and she gifted me a beautiful snuggle quiet for my graduation! Which was perfect timing since it gets chilly here for this Floridian ☀️


Okay now seriously, until next time 😉


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