Transfer Day.

If you haven’t figured it out quite yet, I will let you in on a little secret…

Our transfer day was last Friday 3.10.17!

The night before, my mother in law (remember, she is talented) made me a wonderful dinner packed with nutrients. She has dubbed it “magic baby soup” in hopes that it will help my little embabies stick and grow. Either way, it was delicious!


The morning of the transfer, we arrived at CCRM to meet with our nurse at 9am to review and sign some consents, I got blood drawn to check my estrogen and progesterone levels, and then we were sent upstairs for the big moment as the first transfer of the day!

I was taken to my room, changed into a gown, and told to drink 16-24 ounces of water so that my bladder would be partially full for the procedure. Then came the VALIUM. This medication is used to relax the uterine muscle for the actual procedure but also helped to calm me down from my rollercoaster of emotions running though my mind at the moment. I also had some socks and a t-shirt made to help me in my positive thinking that this was going to work out.. because I believe that the mental aspect has at least something to do with success. Also, socks keeps your feet warm and helps blood flow to the uterus. So go with me here..

I started drinking my water, and kept drinking, and drinking, and drinking. Soon enough, it was 10am, with the procedure scheduled at 11am, and my bladder was WAYYY FULL. There was no way that I was going to be able to hold it in THAT long. So the ultrasonographer scanned my abdomen and allowed me to empty my bladder a little. I was such an overachiever that I actually had to empty it 3 times.. oops! Here is my full bladder in all of it’s glory…! (It’s the huge black space)


Dr S. was a few minutes late (busy man with all these ladies he is trying to knock up) but he finally arrived and the time to transfer was finally here. We have only been waiting for this moment since we started at this clinic in August 2015. And we honestly couldn’t even believe we made it to this final moment in our hope of starting our family. But here we were.

My legs were put into stirrups, a speculum was inserted, and my cervix was “washed” with some saline solution. At this point in time, the incubator was rolled into the room and I was able to see my embassies for the first time! It was quite an emotional moment for J and I.


In the image of the embryos, you can see that they are beginning to hatch out of their shells. They were both graded as 3BB when frozen but would now be graded as 5BB, which basically means that they are hatching and look good! This can be a very good sign for many people, and we hope that includes us! When Dr S. stated that he was ready, the embryos were placed into a small plastic tube which was then inserted through my cervix and threaded to the correct placement of where the embryos needed to be in my uterus, not too high and not too low. This happened at precisely 11:40am On the picture below, there is a bright white dot, those are my two embryos after being transferred. We decided to transfer two because of our history of failed IVF transfers. This does come with some risk. Though rare each embryo has the ability to split and implant. If both embryos were to split and all four were to implant and continue to grow, we would be pregnant with quadruplets. But we will cross that bridge when we get there..


The procedure took all of about 10-15 minutes, but I was to lay in a reclined position with my head tilted back slightly for another hour afterwards. I was able to get in a small nap at this point. I honestly just tried to stay calm and listen to the peaceful music they provided, breathing in tune with the beat and keeping my heart rate down. My hour was then up and the nurse had me change back into my clothes, which I did EVER SO CAREFULLY as to not let these embryos fall out. Which they won’t. It is just an irrational fear that every woman going through IVF has. Imagine a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now imagine putting two sunflower seeds in the middle of that sandwich. That is how protected my embryos are at this point. But it still doesn’t stop us from thinking they will fall out when we cough, sneeze, pee, poop, bend, or twist. It’s just how we think and we just can not help it.

On the way home, I was in and out of it from the medication but I know that I reclined the seat back and propped my feet on the dashboard, how else would you think I would ride in the car after this! When we got to my inlaws house, I was on bedrest for the rest of the day and the next day, only getting up to use the restroom. My back was achy very quickly and it honestly sucked but it was over soon enough. Sunday I was back to normal activity minus any heavy lifting and exercising.

And that is where we are now. I am now obsessing over every little twitch and twinge in my abdomen or boobs, googling early pregnancy symptoms (even though I know them all from googling in the past), and trying to fight the urge to pee on a stick like an addict.

Folks, I am officially PUPO. Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. And hopefully I will stay this way until way later this year, preferably November or December. And I also get to continue all those wonderful medications I was taking beforehand, which are neatly written in my planner so I don’t forget any.


Tomorrow we are headed back home to Jacksonville. Early next week, I will have my blood drawn to find out whether this worked or not. Please, please, please I ask that you send your good thoughts/vibes, prayers, baby dust, or whatever you believe in our way. J & I would absolutely appreciate it and thank you in advance. We love you all for the continued support and for reading this very personal journey of ours.

And thank you grandma for the beautiful flowers you sent to me, they brightened my day! Love you very much!


Also, before I go, let me take a moment to plug Bark Avenue Pet Resort in Jacksonville at this time. I love the facilities, I love the owners, but mostly I love the fact that my dogs are safe and loved there and I can watch them on the webcam to my hearts desire. Take your pets there if you leave town, they are amazing! (This was a non-paid advertisement by a real person who believes in quality care for her fur children).



Until next time ❤








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