The Blood Test.

Hello everyone!

I just can not get over the love and support that you all have shown us through this long and difficult journey. We thank you for joining us and appreciate it from the very bottom of our hearts.

This morning, I will have my blood drawn for the umpteenth time. But this time will provide us with the answer that everyone is dying to know: DID THIS WORK?!

With that said, I would like to gracefully ask for some privacy at this moment in time. I am completely aware that I have invited you all into this, and that you are very much invested into the entire process and results. And I don’t regret that one bit.

The thing is, this can go either one of two ✌🏼ways.

What they are testing for is hcg (the pregnancy hormone) in my blood. If this is detected and at a certain level, we are pregnant. But it does not stop there and we will have a plethora of hurdles to continue jumping over. We will continue to test this level to assure that it is rising appropriately. If it is, we then begin the long wait, 2 weeks, for the first ultrasound. And then we have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks for another ultrasound to confirm that everything looks great.

And although we would love to hear this wonderful news that we just may be pregnant, we could find out that it did not work at all or that the hcg level is not rising correctly, in which case, myself and Jason would need some time to grieve together, as a couple, and with our families before announcing it to you all.

No matter the news we receive today, we will be dealing with intense emotions that I don’t believe we will be ready to share right away. So I kindly ask that you be patient with us.

With that said, we want you all to know that when we are prepared, we WILL let you know! It is extremely important to us that our families are the first to know if we receive good or bad news, and sharing with them may take some time. We also think it is important to let you all know since you have so graciously followed us down this path of our life. So if you ever start to wonder, and see that we have not announced anything quite yet, take that as a sign that we need another prayer sent our way and hope that you see an announcement very soon.

Lastly, and quite honestly, I am scared to death of whatever news we receive. My heart still aches from our past failures and I am not sure how to handle the heartache once again. For now, I am clinging on to the hope that my journey has been planned for me and that everything will fall into place as we need it to.

We love you and thank you all ❤️️❤️️❤️️



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